The BlackTrack Cara 100 is an inexpensive crash recorder which is very easy to install. The data from it is easy to interpret and can be imported into standard Excel worksheet.

Modifying Driver’s Behaviour

In a trial, AXA fitted several hundred Cara 100 crash recorders to the cars of young drivers in Switzerland. A 20% reduction in premiums was offered as an incentive. AXA found that the overall level of claims in this group was reduced by about 40%, resulting in increased profitability in the sector. It is reasonable to conclude that the fitting of a crash recorder actually modifies driver behaviour in a positive way, and deters the more risky behaviour often associated with this group.

Reducing Personal Injury Claims

In the UK, Personal Injury Claims (PICs) make a significant contribution to the cost of most collisions. Whiplash injuries are often suffered to the soft tissues of the neck and are hard to quantify. It is often difficult to quantify the severity of a minor impact because modern vehicle bumper systems recoil to show little signs of the impact. Crash recorders provide quantitative evidence as to the severity of an accident in the passenger cabin, not in the crumple zones. They can therefore be used to deter exaggerated or fraudulent claims.

Crash recorders are a powerful tool in deterring exaggerated claims, but they must be relatively inexpensive, easy to install and reliable. The BlackTrack Cara 100 is the first recorder which is cheap enough at around 50 Euros to be considered for the mass motor insurance market.

Other Benefits of Crash Recorder

For AXA, the introduction of a Crash Recorder based insurance product has had other benefits above increased profitability in the sector. Like many other countries, Switzerland has a high injury and death rate amongst young drivers (particularly male). In tackling this problem in a positive way by offering incentives in return for good driving behaviour, AXA insurance has enhanced its reputation as a force for good in Switzerland rather than just a commercial organisation. This improved public perception translates into increased business in other financial sectors such as pensions, life and household insurance. These benefits also apply to the parents of young drivers, many of whom are relieved to find a product which eases their worries as their children take to the roads independently for the first time.

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