Cara 200 Crash Recorder

Cara 200 is a low cost crash recorder developed for the motor insurance industry. It collects the information the industry needs to understand the cause and severity of an accident.

Blacktrack Cara 200 is a self contained crash recorder. It uses  an internal lithium power pack that provides up to 5 years life offering a simple low cost wire free installation.

Forces acting on the vehicle are recorded during the crash enabling accurate accident reconstruction in addition twenty seconds of build up and ten seconds of aftermath of the crash are recorded. This enables insurance companies and crash re-constructionists to identify how the vehicle was being driven prior to a crash.

Cara 200 has duel sensors which capture information from the mildest of parking bumps to the most severe high speed crashes

  1. Battery powered – up to 5 year life
  2. Simple to install
  3. Non intrusive
  4. Records up to 4 crashes
  5. Accurate Analysis of crash by non experts.
  6. Own and control your own data
  7. Measures g force in 3 axes
  8. Factory set time and date
  9. Determine fault
  10. Deter risky and unsafe drivers
  11. Reduce exaggerated Personal Injury Claims
  12. Interface with Crash Analyser
  13. Tamper Proof

Cara 100 Crash Recorder

Cara110 is a range of premium crash recorders based on proven Cara technology.  Designed for public service, fleet and haulage users, Cara 110 gathers comprehensive information to manage driver performance and deter exaggerated or fraudulent insurance claims.

At the heart  of the Cara 110 are two accelerometers, a yaw pitch and roll sensor and a mass storage device.  The internal memory provides the ability to record many days of information.

The Cara110 features a user variable trigger threshold to optimise data collection for the particular vehicle and usage pattern.  Up to 128 serious crashes, vehicle abuse and harsh driving incidents are recorded.  The gyro records skidding or slewing during the incident.

•Records up to 128 serious crashes,vehicle abuse and harsh driving    incidents

•Accurate analysis of crash by non experts

•Suitable for all vehicle types

•Simple to install – only power and chassis connection

•Reconstruct and replay incidents and crashes

•Interface with Blacktrack Crash Analyser

•Own and control your own data

•Monitor driving style

•Protect passengers and valuable cargo

•Active 24/7 low power consumption

•Non intrusive

•Tamper proof




Crash Analyser

DSD Capture1

Crash Analyser is a collision reconstruction tool to enable the accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents.  Vehicle abuse and crashes are presented in graphical form, together with a plain English summary of the event.  The speed change (delta-v) and peak accelerations during the event are presented.

Crash Analyser has an innovative collision model that efficiently balances simplicity and accuracy in reconstructing vehicle collisions and abuse.

Information from Blacktrack crash recorders can be remotely or locally imported into Crash Analyser for automotive report generation.  This enables non experts, insurance companies, crash re-constructionists to quickly assess an accident to validate driver and witness reports and personal  injury claims. Data from Blacktrack crash recorders to be easily downloaded and analysed.

It automatically generates a plain English report. The report enables accurate analysis of a crash by non experts. It also produces graphs of the –g forces and speed changes (delta-v) during the build up, crash and aftermath for more expert analysis if needed.

Crash Analyser allows you to own your own data.

•Specially designed interface for Cara crash recorders

•Models multiple vehicle collision

•Fast calculations of pre-crash, crash and aftermath

•Automatic report generation for key crash data in plain English

•Reports can be exported to PDF format

•Vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to motorcycle,vehicle to pedestrian collisions    and occupant movement can be modelled.

•Own your own data


Installation of Cara 100/200 Crash Recorder

Crash recorders are best installed inside the cabin of the vehicle away from the crumple zones, typically under the driver’s or front or rear passenger’s seats. On installation, the recorder measures its angle using gravity as a reference so it is not essential to get it perfectly flat. Because they are so small and light, this is easily achieved in most cars using double sided adhesive tape. Tamper labels are supplied so the installation remains secure.

Crash Recording – How it Works

Inside the crash recorer are a pair of micromachined accelerometers, one for low range collisions (up to + or – 16g) and one for high (up to + or – 50g). The Cara range is capable of accurate results in any crash from the mildest of parking bumps to the severest of high speed collisions. Not only that, but 20 seconds of build up and 10 seconds of aftermath information are recorded as well. This allows analysis of how fast and in what style the car was being driven before and after the crash.

Each crash is time and date stamped so that it can be linked to external information and evidence. The crash recorder time and date are set during manufacture and are backed up with an internal battery.

Each crash recorder is programmed with a unique serial number at manufacture which is clearly displayed on the label of the unit. This serial number information is included in any crash file subsequently downloaded from the recorder so it is easy to link a crash to a recorder and vehicle.

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