About Us

Blacktrack is a privately owned limited company established in 2004. It is a specialist electronics company. designing and manufacturing electronic products. With over 20 years experience in the electronics industry, Blacktrack is a specialist manufacturer of crash recorders.

Blacktrack utilises its own in-house hardware and software design team for all product development. This enables Blacktrack to optimise product performance and retain an unusually high depth of technical knowledge of the design which aids support and customisation abilities.

In addition to a comprehensive product range, Blacktrack designs and manufactures one-off solutions to solve customers’ electronics problems. Its strengths are a fast turn-around, custom design and manufacture, coupled with excellent customer support through all stages of a project.

We use a variety of manufacturing processes including surface mount assembly, through hole assembly both automatic and manual, flow soldering and hand soldering. We have a good mix of automation and manual assembly ensuring a quality product is supplied whilst minimising the manufacturing cycle time.

Product portfolio include crash recorders, medical testing equipment and devices for mobility adapted equipment.

Blacktrack continues to evolve its product range and make further technical advances in the Crash Recorder field through innovative use of modern technology

The manufacturing process is lead free and complies with all relevant standards for electronic equipment. Products are CE marked. All major sub contractors are ISO 9000.

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